Winner excellence award 2019

  • Dinner in Blanes

    Our Tex-Mex kitchen offers great Mexican and American style food as well as a variety of home-made dishes, not to forget the best steak in Blanes.

  • Fireworks in Blanes

    Join us for the annual fireworks competition in Blanes, enjoy a drink or late night dinner during this visually impressive event.

    Our outdoor terrace overlooks the beach and is right in view of the fireworks display

  • Best burgers in Blanes

    Our 1/4 pounder hamburgers are one of a kind in Blanes although it might be hard to choose between our famous Chili burger and our classic cheese burger.

  • Cocktail bar in Blanes

    Your holiday is not complete without trying one (or two) of our refreshing cocktails on our beach-side terrace.

    Need a refreshment, visit our cocktail bar during your stay in Blanes.

  • Breakfast in Blanes

    At the Texas Ranch Steakhouse it is breakfast time all day long, the best place in Blanes get a full English breakfast and get a good start off your day

Our family run bar and restaurant in Blanes offers home-made dishes

Our bar in Blanes has a great terrace overlooking the beach and is just a few minutes walk from the old city center.

Top 10% best restaurants in Blanes

Our wonderful customers have given us some great feedback through Tripadvisor and Facebook and are considered high up in the top 10% of quality restaurants in Blanes

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